REVIEW: Holy Berry Tint By Holika苺Holika

Hello little strawberries!
You guys into natural red looking lips?!
Do you want lips like Snow White aswell?
Well..... I think this product is for you!

(Eh ehem.. sorry I'm a bad sales person lol)

Today, I'll be reviewing my new favorite product I recently got from shopping at Shin Okubo! And it's the Holy Berry Tint in No.1 Strawberry by the brand Holika Holika!

Color: ★★★★★
It has a deep red color and it looks flattering on whatever skin color. My friend's skin color is brown and it looks really great on her! (Sadly, I don't have a pic of her wearing it.) The color is really pigmented aswell. With just one swipe of this baby right on your lips you could magically see the difference! ('magically' yes!)

This is a pic of me and my friend inside a purikura booth. After taking pics I applied one swipe of the tint on my lips and even with the extreme lighting.. the color still pops like whoah! I told you it's magical!

Flavor: ★★★★★
To me it tastes like cough syrup. Idk, maybe it's just me but I'm good with the taste of cough syrup so it's good!

Packaging: ★★★★★
I like the packaging 'coz it's pretty big! Which means more product! Well, compared to other lip tints I saw there, there was baby phat, etude house, tony moly but their lip tints are kinda like the size of a bobbi brown nail polish bottle and then it's not as pigmented as this one. That's what I think though.

Longetivity: ★★★☆☆
It doesn't last pretty long.. I'd say 2-3 hours and then buh-bye! It does leave excess redness on the lips but it looks quite faded so meh.

Overall: ★★★★★
Overall I'm good with this one! I really love it on me, and I'll definitely buy more lip tints from this line! They also have them in Raspberry which is in light pink color and the Orange berry which is orange doiii! And I almost forgot.. It's cheap! Compared to etude house that's not even that pigmented! *eh ehem* This one has the most affordable price!

That's it for my review! I hope I helped.. somehow.



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    1. Yes they do.. it's called Raspberry No. 2 I think.

  2. I wanted to buy it before but I didnt..
    now im thinking of buying it again lol

  3. So pretty! c: It looks really nice on you~

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  5. whooaaa totally love purikura photo
    and unfortunely I still can't buy anyhting
    internationally, but I soon as it will change
    I must try that 'magic' (^--^ )♥

    Great blog! Follow♥

  6. Cute lip tint ^^

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  11. Wahh~ I'm so glad I came across your blog! It's super cute (the design, especially)~

    Thank you for this review! I've heard of Holika Holika as a brand before, but never much about their products. c: I'll definitely keep an eye out for this~ The lip color looks amazing!

  12. heeeyyy! Thanks about this review! Ohh and your laytout reeally cute :3

  13. nice products...
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